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Evolution Units

We know that when find the perimeter of something that the units are just centimeters, inches, ect, and when we find the area of something that the units are squared, but what about finding the volume of something. What are the units for this? When finding volume the units are cubed. These can be very hard to remeber, however one way that I remeber is that anything that can be measured with a single string is going to just be units. Painting is how I think of area or surface area, these units are squared. Then for volume I think of 3D figures and know that the units are cubed.


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Feet to Centimeters….

In Math we can be given a problem in one unit and have to give the answer in another. This is called converting of units. We can go from feet to centimeters in a few easy step when knowing the converstions.

The Conversion units for Length are:

English                   Metric                            Bridges

12in=1ft               1km=1000m                    1in=2.54cm

3ft=1yd                1m=1000mm                   1mi=1.609

5280ft=1mi          1m=100cm         


We need the bridges to be able to go from metric to english and viscera. There are also other conversions that can be helpful; Conversions for mass and time.

The Conversion units for Mass are:

English                  Metric                   Bridges

16oz=1lb              1000mg=1g         454g=1lb

2000lb=1tons       1000g=1kg           1kg=2.2Lb

The Conversion units for Time are:

60 sec=1 min    52 wk= 1 yr

60 min=1 hr      365 days=1 yr

24 hr= 1 day     10 yr= 1 decade

7 days= 1 wk    100 yr= 1 century

With these conversions units we can do conversions. We can take 2.6 meters and convert it to millimeters. We can do this by starting with 2.6 meters and finding a conversions that will take use to millimeters.

We can also convert 3.0 miles into inches.

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