Finding Volume Prisms and Pyramids

03 Dec

Finding volume can sound very difficult but it is rather simple if you understand two formulas. The first formula is finding volume for a prism (V=AbaseXh); volume of the area of a base time the height of the objects. For example: The base of this prism is 3.0×2=6 cm^2. After finding the area of the base we can take 6 squared centimeters and multiply it by 5cm giving us 30 cubed centimeters. That is how you find the volume of a prism.

To find the volume of a pyramid we need to know a different formula.This formula is V=1/3pir^2h (1/3 pi time the radius squared time the height). For example a pyramid with a radius of 6cm on the base and a height of 10 cm. can be put into the formula as V=1/3pi(6)^2(10)=376.99 cubed centimeters.  

Finding volume can be very fun and easy if you know how to use the formulas. It is also very helpful! On a side note it is coming to the end of the semester, how sad? I am truly glad that I took math 105 this fall not only did I learn a lot and really have a better understand of math but I have had the privilege to meet some really interesting people (friends). I will always remember my classmates from math 105, Thank you for such a great semester!

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