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Finding Volume Prisms and Pyramids

Finding volume can sound very difficult but it is rather simple if you understand two formulas. The first formula is finding volume for a prism (V=AbaseXh); volume of the area of a base time the height of the objects. For example: The base of this prism is 3.0×2=6 cm^2. After finding the area of the base we can take 6 squared centimeters and multiply it by 5cm giving us 30 cubed centimeters. That is how you find the volume of a prism.

To find the volume of a pyramid we need to know a different formula.This formula is V=1/3pir^2h (1/3 pi time the radius squared time the height). For example a pyramid with a radius of 6cm on the base and a height of 10 cm. can be put into the formula as V=1/3pi(6)^2(10)=376.99 cubed centimeters.  

Finding volume can be very fun and easy if you know how to use the formulas. It is also very helpful! On a side note it is coming to the end of the semester, how sad? I am truly glad that I took math 105 this fall not only did I learn a lot and really have a better understand of math but I have had the privilege to meet some really interesting people (friends). I will always remember my classmates from math 105, Thank you for such a great semester!

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Evolution Units

We know that when find the perimeter of something that the units are just centimeters, inches, ect, and when we find the area of something that the units are squared, but what about finding the volume of something. What are the units for this? When finding volume the units are cubed. These can be very hard to remeber, however one way that I remeber is that anything that can be measured with a single string is going to just be units. Painting is how I think of area or surface area, these units are squared. Then for volume I think of 3D figures and know that the units are cubed.


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