Shapes in circles?

18 Nov

Have you even been told to draw a shape in side a circle and not know what they are talking about? Well it is very possible to do, you can do this by taking the central angle of the circle divided by the number of side the shape will have. For example a circle has 360 degrees and a regular hexagon has 6 sides; we would take 360/6= 60, each angle from the center of the circle would then be 60 degrees.

Next we can connect the verticies, creating the six side of the hexagon.

Now that we have our hexagon, another thing that we can find is an angle of the hexagon, we can find the vertex angle by taking 180-the central angle, in this case 180-60=120 degrees.

We can put any shape inside a circle. All you have to do is follow the steps, not only is it interesting but is also fun and can be made into different types of projects!

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