Feet to Centimeters….

16 Nov

In Math we can be given a problem in one unit and have to give the answer in another. This is called converting of units. We can go from feet to centimeters in a few easy step when knowing the converstions.

The Conversion units for Length are:

English                   Metric                            Bridges

12in=1ft               1km=1000m                    1in=2.54cm

3ft=1yd                1m=1000mm                   1mi=1.609

5280ft=1mi          1m=100cm         


We need the bridges to be able to go from metric to english and viscera. There are also other conversions that can be helpful; Conversions for mass and time.

The Conversion units for Mass are:

English                  Metric                   Bridges

16oz=1lb              1000mg=1g         454g=1lb

2000lb=1tons       1000g=1kg           1kg=2.2Lb

The Conversion units for Time are:

60 sec=1 min    52 wk= 1 yr

60 min=1 hr      365 days=1 yr

24 hr= 1 day     10 yr= 1 decade

7 days= 1 wk    100 yr= 1 century

With these conversions units we can do conversions. We can take 2.6 meters and convert it to millimeters. We can do this by starting with 2.6 meters and finding a conversions that will take use to millimeters.

We can also convert 3.0 miles into inches.

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