Out of 100!

05 Nov

Finding a percent can be very intimidating, however if with start with an easy percent to find we can build off that. A percent that is easy to find is 10%, you just move the decimal one place to the left. For example 10% of 52 is 5.2, we also know that 10% of 6.3 is 0.6. Not only can we find 10% of a number but we can find 20 percent. To find 20 percent of a number we can find 10% and the double it. For example if we want to find 20%of 600, we can first find 10 percent which is 60 and then double that to 120, so 20% of 600 is 120.

We can also use this for finding the new price of an item, for example if we had an item that is $200 and you get 20% off what is the new price? You can start this problem off by finding 10% of 200 which is 20 and then doubling 20 to get 40. The new problem is $40 off $200 so you will pay $160 for the item.

We can also use these methods to find a smaller percent like 5, because 5 is half of 10 we can find 10% of a number and then split it in half. For example 5% of 4200. We can start this problem by finding 10 percent; 10% of 4200 is 420. Then we can take half of 420 and get 210. So 5% of 4200 is 210.

Another way to find a percent is to use a percent chart. Below are to images of percent charts.

These grids have a hundred squares to represent 100%.  The problem for the first grid is 40% of 200. Which is 80.

The problem for the second grid is 20%of 40. Which is 8.

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