02 Nov

First we need to know the terminology for decimals before we jump in, the terminology is very important. We can start off by understanding the meaning of the Latin word decem, which mean ten. Some of the other terms that we need to understand are decimal points, and mixed decimals.

The Decimal point is the dot between the digits in a number. For example 17.63 the dot between the 17 and the 63 is the decimal point. 17.63 can also be considered a mixed decimal! Another important thing to pay attention to is the place values when dealing with decimals.

Above is a picture with Place Values for numbers with decimals. On the Left side of the decimal we can see that the ending is “s” and that on the right side the ending are “ths”. These are very important to pay attention too.

We can also write the number in an extended form.

5(10^3)+ 4(10^2)+ 7(10)+3(1)+ 2(1/10) +8(1/100) +6(1/1000)

When we read the number we read it in a different way than what we would if just reading a whole number. When reading a decimal we say the word “and” when we come across the decimal. Below is a example of this.

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