Base 5, Click!

29 Sep

In Math many of the things that we do can make absolutely no sence at all, we just do them because we were told to do them and that is the way they told us to do them. My classmates and I can be examples of this; many of us had epiphany in class.

When our instructor explained to us; using the same method but in a different way and it clicked for us; all of our faces lit up and we were excited about it! The picture below is how excited we were.

(From Flickr by Rachel Allysson)

She gave us a better understanding of why we carry and borrow in addition and subtraction. We learned not only how to  carry and borrow from base 10 numbers but also from other bases!

When in base 5 there are five digits; these digits are 0,1,2,3, and 4. Shown below are four problems two of them are addition and the other two are subtraction of base 5.

When in base 5 you can count till 4 and then you have to go to a different place value.

____    ____    ____

25’s      5’s      1’s

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